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Andy Murray: 'I haven't lost many matches like that in my career'

Andy Murray: 'I haven't lost many matches like that in my career'

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by Gatto Luigi

Andy Murray lost a shocking match against Albert Ramos. He was up 4-0 in the third set and lost it 7-5. 'I'm disappointed to lose from the position that I was in', the World No. 1 said.

'If you sort of look at the scoreline, it was 7-5 in the third. One week ago I would have been okay with that. But sitting here, being 4-Love up in the third, I haven't lost many matches like that in my career.

I'm disappointed. I feel like I had enough chances to win. I was close, I think. At 5-4, I had a chance in that game, as well. My elbow felt pretty good. I served much better today than I did yesterday. That's only going to get better.

So hopefully I keep going in the right direction.' 'When you play on a new surface, you haven't played many matches for a while, you sometimes lose the right way to play. You can be hitting the ball great, but you're not hitting it in the right places.

That's an important part of my game, is playing the correct way in terms of tactics, hitting the ball in the right spots. I don't hit the ball as hard as a lot of the guys. I normally beat guys by maneuvering them around the court rather than blasting them off the court.

A few times today, I made some bad decisions. That's something that, with my team, I'll look at, watch some parts of the match over, see the shots that I chose and what I would do differently.' He was doubtful for this event a week ago: 'I wasn't sure until sort of Thursday, Friday if I was going to play or not.

Wasn't until I had to start serving full power before I did decide anything. My elbow's been really good. I'm happy about that.' Asked if he will play Budapest or Barcelona, Murray replied: 'I don't know actually.

I mean, I'll speak to my team a little bit about that. I need to decide now, yeah, whether I go and try to get matches or whether I try to get myself in better shape physically, put as much work in as I can. If I was to play Budapest or Barcelona, and do well, I would not really have a chance to train much between now and the French Open.

Whereas if I wasn't to play next week, I get the chance to put in some hard work, which is maybe what's needed. I had to go a little bit easy when I first came back from the elbow, whereas now I'm ready to really I think put in some hard work as well.

I need to chat to my team about that. If I don't play a tournament, I definitely would get to Madrid early. So I would do some of that there. My father-in-law is running the marathon on Sunday, so I may be at home for that.

But, yeah, I'm not sure. I mean, I haven't spoken about that with my team yet, but we'll talk about it tonight or tomorrow morning. Obviously I need to make a decision whether I play next week pretty soon, by Friday evening.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic: 'Nadal is the player to beat, he's the ultimate challenge on clay' .

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