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Jovana Knezevic: 'Roger Federer is my favorite athlete'

Jovana Knezevic: 'Roger Federer is my favorite athlete'

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by Roxana Jo

Vartabedian Invite in Pittsburgh will be the first stop in the new season for the Pittsburgh Panthers, who will meet Duquesne on January 13. The players are using the last free days to prepare the best they can, and freshman Jovana Knezevic got a chance to speak for the official site so the fans can know her better. Jovana is from Belgrade, Serbia, but she trained in Limassol, Cyprus.

Also, her junior career was very exciting, as she had a chance to work at Tennis Academy Nikola Pilic, SC Academia Sanchez-Casal, and IMG Academy Bollettieri Tennis Academy between 2008-14. Here is what Jovana had to say about some interesting topics:

What made you choose Pitt?
I loved the atmosphere and the people.

What is your favorite thing about the team?
We are a really positive team, which I think it great.

What are your goals for the season, both individually and as a team?
Individually, I want to keep my game on a high consistent level.

For the team, we want to play well and try to get into the NCAA tournament.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Whatever you do in life, give it your all and don’t give up on it.

Favorite thing to do on an off day?
I like to hang out with my friends.

Favorite food?

Favorite song?
Hall of Fame by The Script (ft.

Favorite professional athlete?
Roger Federer

Favorite movie?
Slumdog Millionaire

Favorite TV show?
How to Get Away with Murder

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be and why?
Roger Federer, because he is my idol.

Gary Vaynerchuk, because he is my favorite public speaker and has such a positive view on life. He has inspired me a lot. Lastly, Leonardo DiCaprio, because he is my all-time favorite actor.

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you need to survive?
My iPhone, water, and some bug spray.

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