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Ilana Oleynik joins Colorado Buffaloes after transfer from Cal Poly

Ilana Oleynik joins Colorado Buffaloes after transfer from Cal Poly

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by Roxana Jo

Nicole Kenneally, Colorado Buffaloes women's tennis head coach, announced that Ilana Oleynik is the new member of the squad, available to play immediately from this spring season. Oleynik has been transferred from Cal Poly, and she had 3 more years of eligibility remaining, starting with the Buffaloes as the sophomore. Ilana comes from Pacific Palisades, California, with a stellar career at Palisades Charter High School, staying undefeated in League games at number 1 singles position in all 4 seasons! She was also ranked 3rd in the state of California in doubles, and was named to the Principal's Honor Roll four years.

Thanks to her High School duties, this 20-year-old never played outside the USA and her experience is not very big, but there is no doubt she will be a great addition to Colorado, and we will follow her results closely this spring.

"We are excited to have Ilana join our program," Kenneally said. "With Ilana already having a year and a half of college experience is a bonus. She is really energized to play Pac-12 tennis and to challenge herself to new levels.

This mentality will fit right in with the team we have and it will be fun to see her compete and start this new chapter in her tennis career."

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