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2017 ITA National Men's Team Indoor Championship: Main draw 

2017 ITA National Men's Team Indoor Championship: Main draw 

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by Roxana Jo

Boar’s Head Sports Club at the University of Virginia will serve as a host of the 2017 ITA National Men's Team Indoor Championship, with 16 top Division I teams competing for the first national title of the season between February 17-20.

12 months ago North Carolina made a big surprise in the final, beating Virginia 4-2 for their first title, and the Cavaliers will be eager to make one step further this time around and take the title in front of the home crowd. The tournament started way back in 1973 and up to date Stanford won 12 titles, UCLA stands at 7 and Virginia at 5.

Virginia had an automatic place in the main draw, as the host, while the other 15 teams eraned their place by winning regional 2017 ITA Kick-Off Weekend at the end of January. Main draw:

[1]Virginia vs [16]Utah State
[8]UCLA vs [9]USC
[4]California vs [13]Baylor
[5]North Carolina vs [12]Georgia

[6]Northwestern vs [11]Oklahoma State
[3]Ohio State vs [14]Oklahoma
[7]Florida vs [10]Texas
[2]Wake Forest vs [15]Mississippi State ALSO READ: 2017 ITA Div.

I Nat. Women's Team Indoor Champ.: Florida wins 7th title, the first since 1999 .

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