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Buckeyes open Big Ten Play with 4-0 Sweep over PSU

Buckeyes open Big Ten Play with 4-0 Sweep over PSU

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by Robin Ak

The third-ranked Ohio State men's tennis team opened Big Ten play on Wednesday with a 4-0 sweep of Penn State in State College. The win improves the Buckeyes to 10-0 on the season. The Buckeyes opened match the same way they have every match this season by taking the doubles point.

The Buckeyes have now won 12-straight Big Ten matches all by 4-0 sweeps. Next up for the Buckeyes will be the ITA National Indoor Team Championships in Charlottesville, Va., this weekend. Ohio State, the No. 3-seed in the tournament, will open against No.

14-seed Oklahoma. #3 Ohio State 4, Penn State 0 Singles 1. #2 Mikael Torpegaard (OSU) def. C. De La Bassetiere (PSU) 6-3, 6-3 2. JJ Wolf (OSU) def. Christian Lakoseljac (PSU) 7-6, 6-1 3. #8 Hugo Di Feo (OSU) def.

C. Antonopoulos (PSU) 6-2, 6-3 4. Aws Laaribi (PSU) vs. #47 Herkko Pollanen (OSU) 2-6, 3-5, unfinished 5. #77 Martin Joyce (OSU) vs. Marc Collado (PSU) unfinished 6. Ben Lieb (PSU) vs. Kyle Seelig (OSU) unfinished Doubles 1.

#38 Mikael Torpegaard/Herkko Pollanen (OSU) def. C. De La Bassetiere/Christian Lakoseljac (PSU) 6-1 2. Aws Laaribi/Ben Lieb (PSU) vs. #25 Martin Joyce/Hugo Di Feo (OSU) 3-3, unfinished 3. Matt Mendez/Hunter Tubert (OSU) def. Gabriel Nemeth/C.

Antonopoulos (PSU) 6-2 .

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