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ITA NAIA Women's Rankings - March 15, 2017: Camille Gbaguidi keeps the lead ahead of Valeria Podda

ITA NAIA Women's Rankings - March 15, 2017: Camille Gbaguidi keeps the lead ahead of Valeria Podda

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by Roxana Jo

The latest NAIA women's singles and doubles rankings failed to deliver changes at the top, but we had some nice shifts behind the leading two spots. Camille Gbaguidi from SCAD Savannah is still the best singles player, ahead of Valeria Podda from Georgia Gwinnett, just as they stood on the previous list.

Keiser's Megane Bianco jumped from 9th to 3rd while Brittany Augustine from San Diego Christian also had a good campaign, claiming the 4th place after previously being unranked. Klara Dohnalova is 5th, in front of some players who lost a few positions but still hang in the Top 10.

Karyna Sagali gained almost 30 places to be ranked 15th, ahead of Minja Gligic, Paige Murdoch, Jelena Djordan and Zlata Shuraeva who are also the new faces inside the Top 20.

Georgia Gwinnett dominates the doubles list, with two best-ranked teams coming from their roster. Chiara Di Salvo/Alyona Vasilyeva remained at the top ahead of their teammates Valeria Podda/Klara Dohnalova in second.

Megane Bianco/Julianna Heino from Keiser raced from 9th to 3rd, just ahead of Camille Gbaguidi/Paige Murdoch who slid for one spot. Brittany Augustine/Nadine Geschke and Mikayla Morgan/Elizabeth Kelley made the Top 10 after not being ranked last time around.

All in all, we have 8 new ranked teams and it will be interesting to see how many changes we will trace in April when the new rankings list is going to be released. Top 20 singles players: 1.

Camille Gbaguidi (SCAD Savannah) 1
2. Valeria Podda (Georgia Gwinnett) 2
3. Megane Bianco (Keiser) 9
4. Brittany Augustine (San Diego Christian) NR
5. Klara Dohnalova (Georgia Gwinnett) 10
6. Isabella Dale (Cumberlands (KY)) 4

Chiara Di Salvo (Georgia Gwinnett) 3
8. Amanda Schneider (UNOH) 5
9. Jessica Emoto (Tabor) 7
10. Mikayla Morgan (Arizona Christian) 15
11. Priscilla Nunez (Olivet Nazarene) 16
12. Alexandra Shchipakina (Lindsey Wilson) 19

Brittany Zipf (McPherson) 14
14. Alyona Vasilyeva (Georgia Gwinnett) 12
15. Karyna Sagali (William Woods) 43
16. Minja Gligic (Lindsey Wilson) NR
17. Paige Murdoch (SCAD Savannah) 46
18. Jelena Djordan (William Carey) NR

Cade Pierson (Westmont) 8
20. Zlata Shuraeva (William Woods) 37
Top 15 doubles teams: 1. Chiara Di Salvo/Alyona Vasilyeva (Georgia Gwinnett) 1

Valeria Podda/Klara Dohnalova (Georgia Gwinnett) 2
3. Megane Bianco/Julianna Heino (Keiser) 9
4. Camille Gbaguidi/Paige Murdoch (SCAD Savannah) 3
5. Alexandra Shchipakina/Maria Mar Prados Cid (Lindsey Wilson) 4

Brittany Augustine/Nadine Geschke (San Diego Christian) NR
7. Priscila Nunez/Dana Huck (Olivet Nazarene) 5
8. Amanda Schneider/Alisa Reshetnikova (UNOH) 7
9. Mikayla Morgan/Elizabeth Kelley (Arizona Christian) NR

Julia Mulder/Chelsea Steward (William Woods) 8
11. Aleksandra Grela/Jelena Djordan (William Carey) NR
12. Lacee Ancar/Emma Kranendonk (Xavier) NR
13. Alex Mella/Elizabeth Bauss (Indiana Wesleyan) 13
14. Zlata Shuraeva/Alba Salinas (William Woods) 12

Hannah Uhlenkott/Stephanie Buckingham (Lewis & Clark St) NR ALSO READ: Div I / M: Texas Longhorns overcome 3-0 deficit to defeat Ohio State Buckeyes! .

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