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ITA NAIA Men's Rankings - March 15, 2017: Kevin Konfederak tops both singles and doubles rankings

ITA NAIA Men's Rankings - March 15, 2017: Kevin Konfederak tops both singles and doubles rankings

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by Roxana Jo

Georgia Gwinnett has been the dominant force in the NAIA men's section, and it is no surprising to see its players at the top of both singles and doubles rankings list that was released a few days ago. Kevin Konfederak is still the player to beat in singles, ahead of his teammate and doubles partner Jordan Cox, just like it was on the list prior to this.

Denis Porcic is now the 3rd-best player, climbing from 5th, ahead of Oscar Mancineiras Cornella who also made progress, being ranked 6th last time around. Antoine Richard was not ranked on the previous list but he is now 5th, with Jeff Su from Lewis Clark State doing the similar thing, moving from being unranked to hit the Top 10.

Leonardo Urquidi jumped for 18 positions, from 27th to 9th, and Mauricio Mosquera is also worth of mentioning, gaining 23 spots to enter Top 20. Kevin Konfederak/Jordan Cox are the standout doubles players as well, holding the lead in front of Brendan Aguilar/Chrys Castro from Campbellsville.

In fact, the first 4 places stayed intact, with Denis Porcic/Alonso Tellez holding 3rd and Raymond Weich/Fabio Perasso the 4th. Aliaksandr Meliuk/Alessandro Moriano and Antoine Richard/Moses Micheal all did a great job, entering Top 10 after not having ranking last time around.

Top 20 singles players: 1. Kevin Konfederak (Georgia Gwinnett) 1
2. Jordan Cox (Georgia Gwinnett) 2
3. Denis Porcic (Lindsey Wilson) 5
4. Oscar Mancineiras Cornella (Olivet Nazarene) 6

Antoine Richard (Xavier, LA) NR
6. Brendan Aguilar (Campbellsville) 7
7. Jeff Su (Lewis Clark State) NR
8. Oscar Barreiro (William Woods) 10
9. Leonardo Urquidi (San Diego Christian) 27
10. Luke Whalen (Westmont) 9

Danila Kourkoulin (Grace College) 11
12. Vladyslav Ladygin (William Carey) 15
13. Fabio Perasso (Cardinal Stritch) 12
14. Lucien Samathier (William Carey) NR
15. Gilad Berman (Georgia Gwinnett) NR

Moses Micheal (Xavier, LA) NR
17. Illia Filanchuk (Tabor) 16
18. Theo Baudin (Northwestern Ohio) 32
19. Karan Salwan (Xavier, LA) 3
20. Mauricio Mosquera (Hope International) 43
Top 15 doubles teams: 1.

Kevin Konfederak/Jordan Cox (Georgia Gwinnett) 1
2. Brendan Aguilar/Chrys Castro (Campbellsville) 2
3. Denis Porcic/Alonso Tellez (Lindsey Wilson) 3
4. Raymond Weich/Fabio Perasso (Cardinal Stritch) 4

Joan-Marc Fajula Rodriguez/Hector Carrillo (McPherson) 6
6. Aliaksandr Meliuk/Alessandro Moriano (San Diego Christian) NR
7. Lustin Baciu/Radu Popa (UNOH) 7
8. Antoine Richard/Moses Micheal (Xavier, LA) NR

Clement Raymond/Francesco Oliva (Keiser University) 8
10. Alfonso Martinez/Oscar Mancineiras Cornella (Olivet Nazarene) 17
11. Lucas Lee/Derek James (Biola) NR
12. Alberto Lapiedra/Seth Moore (Arizona Christian) 5

Philipp Sibbel/John Joens (Westmont) 10
14. Julien Turosienski/Romai Ugarte (Keiser University) 12
15. Christian Barbieri/Oscar Barreiro (William Woods) 13 ALSO READ: ITA NAIA Women's Rankings - March 15, 2017: Camille Gbaguidi keeps the lead ahead of Valeria Podda .

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