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Div I / M: Niagara University falls to Wagner College in their last non-conference match of the season

Div I / M: Niagara University falls to Wagner College in their last non-conference match of the season

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by Roxana Jo

Wagner Tennis Courts at Staten Island witnessed a one-sided encounter between Wagner College Seahawks and Niagara University Purple Eagles, which the host team won by 7-0. Niagara University dropped to 5-16 this season and this was their final non-conference match of the season, the Purple Eagles will wrap up the regular season next weekend against Saint Peter's and Siena.

Wagner won all 3 doubles matches and they carried that momentum into singles duels as well, wrapping up the overall win in no time at all. Anatoliy Lashkul/Dale Sandy beat Felipe Fuentes/Francis Nadeau 6-2 on the main court and they were backed by Eric Poland/Dylan Walters who ousted Jason Wisely/Taylan Ozdemir 6-3 on court 2.

Charlton Boyd/Ilya Kneppelhout had a little bit more to do against Josh Wilson/Lukas Wenninger but they scored a 6-4 triumph to deliver the doubles sweep for the Seahawks. All singles matches were safely in the hands of Wagner players, and they were bringing them home one by one.

Anatoliy Lashkul took down Felipe Fuentes 6-1 6-0 on the main court, followed by Hans Ohrner who ousted Francis Nadeau on court 3 to move the Seahawks 3-0 in front.

Dylan Walters beat Josh Wilson 6-3 6-1 on court 4 to seal the deal for Wagner, as he gained the uncatchable 4-0 advantage to his school. Dale Sandy scored a 6-4 6-3 triumph against Taylan Ozdemir on court 2 and Charlton Boyd added another point, storming to defeat Jason Wisely 6-0 6-0 on court 6.

Eric Poland bested Lukas Wenninger 6-2 6-2 on court 5 to set up a final 7-0 score, in what has been their 7th sweep of the season.
Wagner College Seahawks vs Niagara University Purple Eagles 7-0



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