Confused Which Sport to Choose for your Little Girl? Go for Tennis if ...

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Confused Which Sport to Choose for your Little Girl? Go for Tennis if ...

Sports are not just played for fun these days and it has become a big industry. Professional athletes are earning millions every year as businesses are pumping millions to attach their name with the successful sports events and stars who have their followership around the world.

If we look at the list of highest earning female athletes, we will find tennis players dominating that. The top 10 list of highest earning female sports athletes includes seven tennis players. One reason behind this is the huge popularity as it is being played and followed in almost every recognized country of the world.

That’s the reason it attracts massive sponsorships from business joints. However, if that was the only reason then female soccer players and boxers should have been earning even more than the tennis players but that’s not the case.

It is because tennis is one of the few sports in which men and women earn equal prize money. Both men’s and women’s singles winners pocketed a mammoth 3.3 million dollars at this year’s US Open. Things were not always like this and have changed a lot since the start of this century.

One reason was a long fight by a group of women tennis players led by Billie Jean King which fought for decades for equal prize money for both men and women in tennis. After all the arguments and struggles, they finally succeeded completely when Wimbledon gave equal prize money in 2005.

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Another big reason for so much commercial success of women’s tennis is its glamour. Without taking back anything from them in respect of their sporting talent, women tennis players are also considered hottest female athletes.

Their fashion and style on and off the court has helped in bringing millions of fans and dollars to the sport. Like Billie Jean King is the pioneer in bringing equal prize money in tennis, Anna Kournikova is the leader in modern day tennis to bring glamour to the sport.

She did not win any Grand Slams but paved way for her fellow players to earn millions of dollars’ worth sponsorship contracts. Serena Williams won almost everything including all the four Grand Slams held in second half of 2015 and first half of 2015, being undisputed number one and having twice as many points than second placed Maria Sharapova but the Russian beauty queen was still above her dark skinned competitor.

Serena earned $24.6 million and Sharapova grabbed $29.7 million including prize money and endorsements during the same period. Not just this year, but the Russian is world’s highest paid female athlete for the 11th straight year.

In its early days, women’s tennis had a slogan 'You've Come a Long Way Baby' but it was never more truer than current times. Women’s tennis players are talented, beautiful, confident, glamorous and what not.

They are proud ambassadors of our sport and deserve to earn all these huge amounts. Also Read: Sexy Ana Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger arrive at Rooney´s party in Liverpool (PIC INSIDE) .