Here Are the Five Best Shots of the Last Week!

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Here Are the Five Best Shots of the Last Week!

The last week of tennis showed us an incredible number of impossible shots. Even accomplices by the important tournaments played, like the ATP 500 in Basel and the WTA Finals in Singapore, we have seen an incredible quality of rallies, and very impressive shots.

The 8 best tennis players of the WTA Race have faced each others in Singapore, and also one of the most important sports rivalry has finally come back in Basel with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal battling for the title. But what were the best shots of the last week? Tennis World USA proposes you its personal top-5! 5) Rafael Nadal's Banana Shot Rafa's most famous shot, hit in the match won by the Spaniard against Gasquet.

4) Roger Federer's Volley Two amazing volley hit by the Swiss Maestro against Jack Sock.

3) Agniszka Radwanska's Amazing Shot Under the Net One of the most beautiful rallies won by Aga on the most important day of her professional career (till now!).

3) Roger Federer's Passing Shot / Rafael Nadal's Forehand One unbelieveble shot each for the two players who have done the recent story of tennis, and who have marked one the most important and intense rivarly ever.

Amazing passing shot by Federer and fantastic forehand by Nadal. Richard Gasquet's Volley after a Super Exchange Likely the most beautiful rally of the week, one of the most funny and intense of the year.

The Frenchman closed with a super volley this incredible series of shots against Dominic Thiem. In this rally there was everything: class, shape, sensitivity, touch, fitness and grit. The best one! .