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2017: A turning point or a year of stagnation?

2017: A turning point or a year of stagnation?

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by Lorenzo Ciotti

2017 could be a decisive season for the present tennis era. But the signals are mixed, so we still cannot say if the new season will be the turning point for players or another year of stagnation. There are some considerations that have to be looked into, especially on the confrontation between the present generation and the next.

At the top of the ATP and WTA rankings, there have been significant changes that brought a new era, with two new rulers: Andy Murray and Angelique Kerber, who took over after years of rule of Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams.

A very great achievement, considering that the Serbian and the American dominated the world of tennis for a very long time. However, despite the change of leadership and despite performances of Nole and Serena let down in the past six months; at the end, the players that are competing for victories in the Slams are more or less always the same as the top five-six players in the rankings.

And this is what could happen in the new season too, unless there is a change. Lucas Pouille, Nick Kyrgios, Alexander Zverev, Karolina Pliskova, Belinda Bencic and Co. will have to raise their level of play and hope the top players don't play as they will be expected to.

Above all, their goal should also be to make a change to the tennis era, in order to begin a new one that would be theirs. They need to mature in personality and in mental power. But, currently the top players are commanding and for the delight of the crowd and the fans, they will do anything to prolong this unforgettable and fantastic tennis era as long as possible.

And the new generation have to take a lot of chances to prove they great champions. It will however be a fantastic challenge. Also Read: 2017 Could give us a golden last year of this court was? .

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