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Is Aga Radwanska the WTA version of Tomas Berdych?

Is Aga Radwanska the WTA version of Tomas Berdych?

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by Lorenzo Ciotti

The twenty WTA career titles of Agnieszka Radwanska can lead us to make many reflections. First of all, they are synonymous of perseverance. Since 2011, the Pole has won at least one title every season, including the WTA Finals in Singapore, so far her most important title.

And yet, in the big events like the Grand Slams, Aga is no longer able to do well, and above all, after the victory at the 2015 Masters, there wasn't the ultimate step that everyone expected, although in 2016 she won three tournaments.

But it is in 2017 that Radwanska is encountering great difficulties. She reached and lost the final in Sydney against Johanna Konta, and that final remains the only positive moment of the season of the Pole, up to now, who has often fallen through bad performances.

Last of which was at Indian Wells, against the Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng. It has happened that Radwanska has lost some matches when she was the clear favorite, melting like snow under the sun, facing opponents who were underdogs, but who hit the right day.

Agnieszka's game is simply not enough, at the moment. Despite her technical and tactical levels, because from these points of views she's probably the most prepared tennis player on the WTA Tour. There are other problems for her.

Aga doesn't seem to be very lucid and focused in her matches and that means that from the mental point of view, the Pole is not made of iron like some of her colleagues, including Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber.

But obviously her biggest problem is the physical strength. Aga, with her slight physique, fails to give a great power to the ball, such as those opponents who, from a physical point of view, are more prepared than her. Will she never be able to win a Grand Slam and become the WTA Tour's Tomas Berdych, who has also started to struggle this year? ALSO READ: Has Novak Djokovic Already given the best of himself? .

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