Tennis Players and Their Interesting Superstitions

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Tennis Players and Their Interesting Superstitions

Roger Federer Federer has a special thing for the number "8". While warming up, the Swiss smacks eight aces on the practice court and takes eight towels rubs after a set finishes during a match.

He keeps 8 bottles of water (Evian only) in his bag and keeps eight racquets in his kit bag. He also has 8 members still in the player’s box!
Serena Williams The World No.1 is one of the greatest women servers of all time but that too comes in style! Serena bounces the ball five times on her first serve and only twice on her second ball toss.

She also uses the same shower preceding her matches and carries her shower sandals to the court. The reigning Wimbledon champion does not feel comfortable walking in for her match until she has tied her shoelaces in exactly the same way.

She also wears the same pair of socks during her winning run in an event.
Maria Sharapova The former World No.1 has developed a uniquely inflexible walk around the court so as to prevent herself from stepping on to the lines.

She also talks to the wall behind her before she attempts to serve and on every serve she does a little hoping dance. When it comes to serves, Sharapova too has a special thing. She bounces the ball twice before hitting the serve.
Novak Djokovic The Serb not have too many idiosyncrasies except that he refuses to take the same shower twice in a row.

Additionally, he believes that he needs to have his pet poodle ‘Pierre’ with him all the time because he considers Pierre as his lucky charm. His ball bouncing obsession is the most popular one. "My record was in 2007 during the Davis Cup against Australia.

I made the ball bounce 38 or 39 times (before serving)," Novak said.
Rafael Nadal Rafa takes a cold shower on every occasion when he is about to play a match. He conscientiously places his pair of water bottles – one chilled, one at room temperature – right next to each other on the ground, in front and to the left of his chair - with the brand name facing in exactly the same direction.

Before warming up he goes out on the court and sweeps it with his feet along the baseline and the service line (even if it is a hard court). He also makes sure his opponent crosses the net before he does on a changeover. ALSO READ Here are the Most Extravagant Tennis Courts in the World! .