Roger Federer: I loved watching Marcelo Rios play

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Roger Federer: I loved watching Marcelo Rios play

Roger Federer required just 80 minutes to dispatch Belgian Steve Darcis 6-1, 6-2, 6-1 and move into the Third Round at the US Open. The Swiss spoke about the changes in the game that have taken place since he started playing.

With the Swiss coming forward more often now with his serve and volley and chip and charge tactics, would that help the game rekindle this style of play? Roger said, “I hope so!” “I would be really nice to see more players adopting this strategy as different players and characters of those kind makes the sport fun to watch.

I am not saying that the amazing baseline rallies are boring to watch. But it always interesting to see a guy from the baseline trying to pass a good net player.” He then gave examples to explain how two opposite styles make the sport fun and interesting to watch.

“It was so great to see the like of Sampras and Agassi going at it against each other. Or McEnroe and Borg. It was epic to watch those guys play against each other.”
He further added, “Because I grew up watching these guys play, I adopted this strategy at times and sometimes players did it against me.

So, it’s something I feel comfortable doing and something also comfortable to defend against.” “I've always actually enjoyed coming to the net. I’m happy that I’m able to bring this style to a limit that it’s actually working in today’s times.” He also spoke about Former World No.1 Marcelo Rios, saying that he was one of his favourite players and that he would vote for Rios if he was a voter for the Hall of Fame.

“I don't know what it takes, to be quite honest. I loved watching him play so I would say yes to his inclusion.” ALSO READ Roger Federer: ´I Don´t Know How Long I Want to Play For´ .