Pennetta: ´I feel like it´s not my last match´ Sharapova: ´I´m surprised of myself this week´

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Pennetta: ´I feel like it´s not my last match´ Sharapova: ´I´m surprised of myself this week´

Flavia Pennetta called it a career after the loss against Maria Sharapova by 7-5 6-1. The Italian player fee 'I think was really good game. She play unbelievable. I didn't remember see Maria playing so good and serving so good from -- I mean the second set was perfect for her doing everything, dropshot, volley.

Everything was work good for her. I think was good day for her. And was good day for me also. I think I play a good tennis also', said Pennetta. If she had to lose to someone, Pennetta is happy it was Sharapova: 'I I think she's one of the best of ever.

She's a good person. Also like in the court, I mean, today she was perfect in so many aspect, I think. It's perfect to lose against her. (Laughter.)' The Italian player says she feels "normal" after the last match of her career: 'I feel really good.

I'm happy to have the chance to play this tournament. I think to have the last match against Maria was amazing play such a good champion. Was a good way also to say good-bye, because when you lose against such a good player there is not too many things to say.

Right now I feel like it's not my last match. I feel normal completely. I don't know why. Maybe in few days I will feel more the difference. Right now it's so far so good. (Laughter.)' Flavia didn't have a farewell ceremony here, because 'I don't like crying and I don't like drama.

I knew if I went on court I would cry.' Maria Sharapova was motivated by the Road to Singapore before the tournament: 'I came here motivated by the opportunity that I had to be part of the field.

I don't take that for granted. I think when we start the season, before we play our first match, we're already holding a Road to Singapore sign. I mean, we're already there. It's like we're part of the road without playing the first match.

You're like, Slow down. But, no, I think it's a goal of every player when they start the season, and by qualifying earlier in the season it gave me a chance to take care of my body when I had those injuries.' The Russian surprising herself this week: 'Yeah, every match for me just counts at this point in the season in the last tournament.

As I said before, I wanted to try to play a high-quality three matches, and I didn't know the results would have gone the way that I have expected.' 'I'm actually, I think, also a little bit surprised that I've been able to win three matches, as physical as some of those matches were.

I think knowing that I qualified allowed me to be a little bit more aggressive today. I thought I played quite aggressively in the second set and had a good ratio of winners and unforced errors, was quite solid. Served well. So all those things helped me.

And also not playing a third set against Flavia, as we have done previously, is also a big help for me.' On whether she'll scout the competition on Friday: 'Yeah, if I'm in my hotel and the tennis is on.

I also have a subscription to TennisTV. I don't know how that happened. Well, I do know how that happened, but I no longer need it. Thankfully. But I do watch tennis. I know I always say that's the last thing I want to be doing, but when I'm at a tournament I do enjoy watching.

When the matches are on TV I do enjoy watching who is playing, no matter if I'm playing against them or not. It's part of the spirit, the tournament. You start your day with tennis. Everything is surrounded by tennis. I don't shy away from watching my opponents.

So, yeah, I might.' IN THE NEXT PAGE RADWANSKA AND HALEP QUOTES Also Read: WTA FINALS - Flavia Pennetta loses to Maria Sharapova and ends her career Also Agnieszka Radwanska qualified onto the semifinals.

The Polish player beat Simona Halep 7/6 6/4. The Polish revealed that yesterday she 'went on court, and to be honest I didn't practice. I was really tired and I'm falling apart a little bit as well. So what I had yesterday, it's half an hour in the gym, two sessions of treatment.

What I wanted to do is really play my best tennis today. Like you're saying, it's been a really long trip and I lost already two matches. I think that works for me.' 'I think I was really playing great tennis today.

That was I think much better tennis than the other days. I didn't really play bad, it's just today everything seems like it was working for me. Was really good quality tennis the whole match.' Radwanska on that crazy first set tiebreak. 'Well, the tiebreak, I didn't really know that I could come back, and suddenly -- I think I was really relaxed.

I didn't get tight and I think I made really good shots in important moments. When was just 5-1 down I think I just kind of play aggressive tennis and that worked.' Simona Halep is very tired.

After the first set, she 'was done. No energy anymore. I was tired. I felt that I lost the chance to win the first set and probably I lost the chance to win the match in that moment. Yeah, my coach was telling me many things, but I couldn't hear because I was done and I was very nervous there.

But, you know, it's good that happened. Next time I will know that if I'm not well-prepared physical I have just to do something else on court.' 'I'm happy with my year. I just want to take the holiday now.

I don't want think about tennis anymore. Then I will be stronger.' .