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Djokovic: 'I didn't get a lot of balls back'. Kyrgios: 'I played well in the crucial points'

Djokovic: 'I didn't get a lot of balls back'. Kyrgios: 'I played well in the crucial points'

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by Gatto Luigi

Novak Djokovic admitted Nick Kyrgios played and served better than him on Wednesday in Indian Wells. ´Nick, again, as he did in Acapulco earlier, few weeks ago, he served so well´, the World No.

2 said after the 6/4 7/6 loss. ´Just wasn´t managing to get a lot of balls back on his serve, first and second, as well. So I guess that´s what made a difference. He obviously comes out playing his style, very aggressive, and just going for every serve, whether it´s first or second.

It´s obviously very hard to play like that.´ Novak didn´t feel comfortable today: ´I guess conditions like today where the ball travels through the air very fast and it bounces very high, you know, it´s a gamble.

And on his first serves, to try to anticipate and read his serve, where he´s going to go 140 miles per hour down the T and also pretty good angle wide, so it´s hard to position yourself well. Let´s call it that way.

It is a gamble. His second serve, if you think you´re going to have a look at it, you don´t, because he goes for it, as well. He didn´t make too many double faults. As I said, you know, in this kind of conditions, it´s quite suitable for the server.

Puts a lot of pressure on your service games. I don´t think I reached a break point, but I did have some close games on his serves, but I just wasn´t able to deliver what was important at that stage.´ He kept praising Kyrgios saying: ´He´s capable of a lot of big things.

That was projected for him already a couple years back. He´s not very consistent with his results, but, you know, he´s coming closer to top 10. He had his best year last year, so things are coming together for him.

There is no doubt that he has a big game, and that game that he has can and should be for top 10, top 5 player. So it just depends on him and his commitment to the sport. Obviously it´s not only about the game. It´s many things that have to fall in place.´ ´I knew it was going to be a tough battle today´, said Kyrgios. ´I knew he wanted to come out there and obviously after Acapulco to come out there and win.

The conditions are completely different here than they are in Acapulco. I don´t think I served anywhere near as I did in Acapulco. I fought for every point, and obviously we were a bit -- I think both of us were a bit nervous at times.

I thought it was a pretty good match. I played the crucial points pretty well. Obviously I just served well again. Yeah, it was good to get through. But honestly the doubles just kind of killed the mood a little bit.

We just got destroyed. That was tough.´ He will play his next match against Roger Federer. What does he remember about the match played in Madrid two years ago? ´I remember the first game I broke him, and I said, Come on, pretty loud, just to show that I felt like he knew I would compete for every point that day.

But that was kind of surreal, playing him, center court and winning was unbelievable feeling. I think a lot´s happened since then. I have played a lot more matches. I feel more confident in my game, and he´s obviously playing unbelievable at the moment.

But, yeah, I remember a lot. It´s completely different conditions from Madrid clay to Indian Wells in the desert. So it´s going to be a completely different game.´ ´I´m not surprised that he won the Oz Open.

You know, when I see him winning tournaments, when I see him producing level, it doesn´t really surprise me at all. He´s the greatest player of all time. Age is just a thing for him. As long as he stays healthy, he´s going to be the top player, you know, around that top tier.´ He said that he is in a good place mentally right now.

Can he talk about why that is and what´s going on? ´I think it´s starting in practice, I guess. Every time I go on the practice court, I try and be positive, try and have fun, not being too hard on myself.

I was in a pretty dark place. Even I was at 13 last year, but I wasn´t in a good place mentally at all. I was beating myself down, and I just wasn´t in a good place. Some of that´s obviously having my girlfriend back on tour is going to be awesome seeing her every couple weeks.

Obviously, my mom is here. I´m just trying to stay happy and enjoy my tennis a little bit.´ He has played all the top guys now. What´s the experience and the challenge, like, playing Novak now that he has had a couple cracks at it now compared to the other players in the top of the game? ´I played Zverev a couple days ago and I thought the level was incredible.

The level is not that different, I don´t think. You know, it´s just about being able to bring that every single day, and that´s what the top guys do the best. I think Alexander some days could play a higher level than Novak, but he couldn´t bring it as consistently as Novak can.

I think that´s the main difference.´ He feels a different player: ´Towards the end of last year, I was just going to places and dreading going, like just really dreading going to tournaments. Didn´t want to practice, didn´t want to really do anything.

I had a physical trainer for a little bit, but it was tough, because my team was motivated but I wasn´t motivated. After the Australian Open I went and spent a week with my girlfriend, and then Rusty called me up, Lleyton, and then he really wanted me to come play Davis Cup.

And that was the best thing I could have done, come back and be with the boys, and I found some enjoyment practicing again. Yeah, I don´t know what happened. Something -- something switched, and now I´m really enjoying it again.

We still talk to this day, the whole Davis Cup team. I think that´s helped me the most. You know, having some people on my side and, you know, they have my back. So that´s been the key.´ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I didn't think I could play so well.

Really a good performance!' .

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