Novak Djokovic: 'It was a positive experience. Nadal deserved to win'

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Novak Djokovic: 'It was a positive experience. Nadal deserved to win'

Novak Djokovic lost for the first time to Rafael Nadal since 2014 Roland Garros as his seven matches winning streak against the Mallorcan player was broken on Saturday in Madrid. 'Rafa was obviously a better player today', recognized Djokovic, who lost 6-2 6-4.

'He deserved to win. I mean, he was controlling the game from beginning to the end. Second set was a bit closer. Maybe I had some chances to be in the lead, 2-All. Was a long game. I lost the break there. But I did try my best.

It wasn't a very high quality of tennis from my side. I mean, I made a lot of unforced errors, especially first set. Just his quality was very high. He managed to do whatever he wanted really, especially in the first set. I was getting a lot of balls back.

He was serving well. He was using his court positioning well. Today was warmer than last three, four days, so conditions were quite different. The ball was bouncing very high. Well, he managed to be better in these kind of conditions.' Nole takes what's positive: 'It was really good to play in semifinals of big event, and to play against one of the top rivals I have in my life.

I haven't had that feeling in months, so it's great to feel that. It was a positive week, a positive experience. I take, as I say, more positives than negatives into the next week in Rome. As I go along, I hope to continue getting better and getting stronger.

I felt like I was playing well throughout the week. Today maybe slightly I could have played better. But, again, I just had an opponent that was too good. Well, I have to move on. Semifinals is a good result. Hopefully I'll have another good result in Rome.' Asked if he has a few thoughts about his new team, Djokovic replied: 'I'm not going to share anything with you now.

I hope you understand and respect that. I'm just going to go along, and in the next three, four weeks maximum, I'll make my decisions around that, about the team. Then, of course, I'll let you know.' .