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Novak Djokovic:'Rome courts should have been built months before the event'

Novak Djokovic:'Rome courts should have been built months before the event'

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by Gatto Luigi

Rome courts condition is definitely not the ideal one. Since the start of the event there have been holes on the NextGen Arena, and on Wednesday Nicolas Almagro hurt his knee during his second round match against Rafael Nadal.

Novak Djokovic spoke in a detailed way about the current situation: 'I don't know how NextGen Arena is with the conditions of the court, but I heard not many positive comments about that', Djokovic told reporters in Rome.

'Center court also is not as good as it was.” 'Clay is [a] very delicate surface. In order to get it in the proper state, in order for it to have that solid ground, you need to play at least three months on the court before the tournament starts.

It needs to be played more or less regularly, every day. But, you know, unfortunately, traditionally, we have these kind of issues with courts in Rome. The grounds men are doing their best. Nice guys, trying their best. But once a tournament starts there is not much you can do about the court ...

The court's foundation has to be built months and months before the tournament starts, and as I understand, they don't play much tennis on the center court, and neither on the NextGen Court. But as I understand, they play only, you know, three, four, five weeks before the tournament, and they don't play regularly.

You can't expect to have a good court in that way.' .

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