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Mario Ancic: 'Djokovic's pain was enormous. I'll be always there for him'

Mario Ancic: 'Djokovic's pain was enormous. I'll be always there for him'

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by Gatto Luigi

Mario Ancic spoke for the first time about his relationship with Novak Djokovic after refusing several interviews in the mid-tournament. In a chat to Sport Klub, Ancic spoke about Novak's retirement down 7-6, 2-0 against Tomas Berdych at Wimbledon.

'Novak is a great man and athlete, and if he retired from the quarters at Wimbledon it was because the pain was enormous,' said Ancic, who is still in Wimbledon playing legends event. 'It was sad because he was playing well and was feeling great on court.

But than last year now injury is worse, and he took the right decision. Now the one million dollars question is how to solve the problem. That's the main goal, which direction he will take and what doctors will say.' Djokovic was optimistic speaking about an eventual co-operation with Ancic out of competition, but it seems the Croatian is not available to do it as he works as lawyer near New York.

'Novak knows that on Monday I will be at Wall Street, and he knows that this is my path. Many people asks if we will keep working together, but my job prevents me a little bit from travelling. We spoke about it, and if he will get treatment in the United States, we can meet and I can support him.

I will be always there for him. There is a great relationship between us, Novak trusts me and I had a good time with him and Andre.' Agassi is not so much available as well, he may follow Djokovic during Grand Slam events, but if Ancic won't be able to travel, a new coach is needed.

But that's not the main issue now, as the right elbow injury could force Novak to stop competiting for months, which is even more likely after what Ancic said in this interview. ALSO READ: Nadal and Djokovic to play exhibition in Astana! But will Novak be there? .

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