Novak Djokovic meets Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles

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Novak Djokovic meets Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles

Novak Djokovic is still in the United States. The 12-time Grand Slam champion reached the country on Monday, he attended the NBA game and met Stephen Curry among others, but he was there mainly to see how his elbow condition is evaluating.

Djokovic was there for the same reason in July, and now he cameback probably to be given green light to be back to practice again, for the first time since when he shutted down the 2017 season. In Beverly Hills he met Andre Agassi, who will help him at Grand Slams next year.

On Saturday night, Djokovic attended the "Summit LA", that features a diverse array of talks, performances, wellness classes. Not only Novak's coach Andre Agassi was there, but also the NBA star Kobe Bryant, with who Djokovic took a selfie.

The Serb posted it on Instagram Stories, his official account managed by himself, as you can see by pics here below.

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