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Rafael Nadal´s physical strength is not as good as Djokovic, Tsonga and Ferrer, believes Toni

Rafael Nadal´s physical strength is not as good as Djokovic, Tsonga and Ferrer, believes Toni

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by Talha Asif

World number one Rafael Nadal’s uncle and coach Toni Nadal has said that his nephew’s physical strength is not as good as some of his rivals but he takes edge over others due to his mental strength. Toni said that Novak Djokovic, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gael Monfils and even David Ferrer all have better physical strength and physique than his 13-time Grand Slam winner student and the reason he gave for this was that he never liked physical work.

He was talking about Nadal during a recent interview with Toni was asked if physical strength has always been his focus because Nadal makes difference due to his better physical fitness. To this, Toni replied: “No, to be honest, I never really liked the physical work.

When Rafa was younger, I preferred to focus on technique. Besides, I do not think he has a great physique. At least the best.” He added, “In my view, there are a lot of players whose physical are well above: Monfils, who is monstrous on that front, Tsonga, Djokovic, terrible on that front ...

And then Ferrer! Yes, Ferrer, Monfils and Djokovic are the very best. So Rafa does not really make a difference on that, no. It is in the mind that the fact it is in the head it is very strong.” Nadal is considered one of the most physically strengthened players to have ever grace the sport of tennis.

The Spaniard pushed himself to the limits and is not less than a wall sometimes back its too tough to hit a shot which he is unable to return. The 27-year-old has on many occasions made difference in some big matches by hitting a winner on shots which his rivals can only dream to touch their racket to.

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