Manolo Santana: ´Those who have criticized Nadal are now silent. In 2016 he will win a Grand Slam´

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Manolo Santana: ´Those who have criticized Nadal are now silent. In 2016 he will win a Grand Slam´

'Rafa had not Gone' is the title of an article published by Manolo Santana on El Espanol. Former Spanish player analyzed Rafael Nadal's negative year and had a lot to say about his chances next year.

'I've been repeating it all during the year, Nadal isn't finished, contrary to what someone said or wished. The Basel final lost against Roger Federer showed it. Two points made the difference, the match showed that Rafa is in a good condition to fight to win important titles again.

Nadal faced the Swiss on the indoor-hard court, the worst surface for Rafa. He is a champion and kept showing it, especially in the bad momenths in this season'. 'Everyone has strange periods in their career.

It's inevitable. Rafa was affected, but step-by-step he is coming through. He's been playing very well in the last few weeks, he began to do it in Beijing, where he reached the final against Novak Djokovic. In Shanghai, he beat tough opponents like he did in Basel, coming back in his first three matches and then playing at a great level against Gasquet in the semi-finals.

I'm convinced that he will end the ATP World Tour Finals without any disappointment, and will start 2016 ready to fight to achieve big goals'. 'What happened to Nadal this year is similar to what Federer went through some seasons ago, when everyone said that he was dead forever.

And now where is Roger? World no. 2, wins titles and titles and reaches Slam finals. When he had a negative period, there was a very important moment in his private life. It's not easy when you've kids at home, two others who were going to arrive, but he did it. 'In this case, the problem Nadal had was that he saw how players won easily which created difficulties for him and they beat him on many occasions.

Inevitably, it didn't allow him to play well. But with Nadal, they have been unfair. They said that Rafa didn't play anything, that he didn't win any matches. It's something that I lived with when I was tennis player, too.

I know what you feel when you do everything possible and they criticize you because of the things don't go well. Now everyone who criticized him for the whole year, are silent'. 'They spoke about everything in recent months, including a change in coach.

His uncle is the person who launched him and the only person who has the utmost confidence to come through this situation. Sometimes changes are good, but if you are comfortable with a person, the most important thing for a player is confidence.

And it's something that Toni conveys like nobody else'. 'Nadal never had gone and this is clear, but now I'm sure that he will win Grand Slam titles next year.' Also Read: Rafael Nadal attacks: ´It´s unfair that I played ATP Finals always on indoor hard-court´ .