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Rafael Nadal speaks about the GOAT Question: 'Well, I would say...'

Rafael Nadal speaks about the GOAT Question: 'Well, I would say...'

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by Gatto Luigi

The subject of GOAT (Greatest of all Time) in tennis is hard to analyze. Often you compare players of different eras that used totally different rackets and played differently than how the current players do. Interviewed by Eurosport on the topic, Rafael Nadal said, 'I would say it is between Federer and Laver, I think it's a correct definition thinking about the tennis history.

Then we will see, there are some good players that are still playing like me, Djokovic is one of the best players as well, he is still playing and could be the best player ever. At some stage, it seemed that I could beat some records, now people changed his opinion but you never know what can happen, it depends by injuries and other things.

Every year somethings can happen and I will try to be ready.' Nadal also admitted he could have never imagined having a such successful career. 'I achieved things that I could never dream of.

At the same time, there were some injuries that influenced me in the important moments of my career. I was always supported by my team and family in the difficult moments, they were always with me. Which is my goal now? Winning every match I could, not only Grand Slam titles.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Until the middle of the second set I played better than him' .

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