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Roger Rasheed: 'Nadal is a mad PlayStation fan'

Roger Rasheed: 'Nadal is a mad PlayStation fan'

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by Gatto Luigi

Rafael Nadal is a warrior not only on court, but off-court too. The tennis coach Roger Rasheed, commentating on Channel Seven, spoke about Rafa's big passion for PlayStation. 'You know Rafa is a mad PlayStation fan and he takes it all around the world', Rasheed said, revealing a very funny anecdote. 'There was a time in Barcelona I was on the same floor as him and he was playing a game on PlayStation.

When he won and scored a goal, the door opened and he ran up and down the corridor. “I was thinking, who is that?' Rasheed is impressed by how Nadal is willing to compete also in an exhibition match like the Fast4 Tennis.

'Look at Rafa’s determination. You look at him and he’s hyped up and running up and down. It is like he just won his first Grand Slam title. He’s a unique champion of our sport.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal speaks about the GOAT Question: 'Well, I would say...' .

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