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Rafael Nadal: 'Tennis will need changes, players serve faster and points are shorter'

Rafael Nadal: 'Tennis will need changes, players serve faster and points are shorter'

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by Gatto Luigi

Rafael Nadal opened his campaign in Indian Wells beating Guido Pella 6/3 6/2. The Spaniard player was happy with winning it in straight sets: ´It was a solid match. I tried to find the rhythm, and I think I did.

For moments I played well; for moments I played a little bit less well. Important thing, I won, and I won in straight sets. I had some good feelings for a lot of moments. In general terms, I think I played a solid match. Today was hot, and there was a lot of sun out there.

Very, very warm. Was difficult to control the ball. The ball was flying a lot.´ Speaking about his performance on serve, Nadal said: ´I am happy with the way I´m serving this year.

I will be more happy today if I had some more free points that I need -- I need to take few more. Was not enough today, free points with my serve, and that´s it.´ He also commented on Andy Murray´s loss to Vasek Pospisil.

´That´s the sport, no? Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. Yesterday probably Andy didn´t play his best match, and Vasek served very well. So then you arrive -- you go to a tiebreak, and anything can happen.

Yeah. Andy just came here winning in Dubai, so probably he will be playing very well in Miami. It´s true that in Indian Wells during his career he had some bad matches maybe, and so happens sometimes. Sometimes you don´t feel comfortable in one event, and it´s difficult to overcome that.

Happened for me a lot of times for me in Cincinnati, and I was not able to find the rhythm, and finally I won once. But when you have bad feelings in one event, sometimes it´s difficult to overcome that.´ If he could choose one change to make in the sport, what would that change be? ´I don´t know.

I am just a player. My feeling is we need to move the sport the way that the people want it, and I don´t know which is that way. But the most important thing for our sport is to change our sport to the way that is more attractive for the people, for the fans.

That´s my feeling. It´s obvious that every time people are taller, every time people have more power, serve is going faster, points are shorter, I´m not sure if that´s the way that we need to move our sport.

So we need to find a way to manage, keep having a good show and keep having emotions. And people gets emotional when the matches are becoming more dramatic, and people don´t remember a lot of matches just with serves and aces.

People remember matches with long points, rallies. And for sure you can have aces, and that´s part of the sport and it´s nice, the ace and the good serves, too, no? But cannot be that easy.´ ´For me is difficult to talk about that, because when I am talking about that, people can think it´s because that helps me´, Nadal added.

´But I am talking here about the sport overall, no? No, no, not about my generation, because with these conditions I had lot of success. If you ask me, I don´t want changes (smiling). I am very happy with this format, because I am having a lot of success with this format, no? But is true that looking forward, you know, looking five, ten years in front, you see every time the people are taller.

Every time people have the chance to serve faster, and if we want to maintain, I think, good points, if we want to maintain a good show for the people, it´s something we need to do, no? We need to start from the younger generations.

So you need to put at that line and say in seven years that´s gonna change. We cannot change things like this. Tennis will need changes. The net is still at the same altitude. People are not the same. People are much more taller now than 50 years ago.

So it´s obvious that we´re gonna need some changes in not a very long period of time.´ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'I was sick for two days, but I hope to compete at the highest level' .

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