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Toni Nadal: 'I'm very strict. With Rafa it worked, with my children it didn't'

Toni Nadal: 'I'm very strict. With Rafa it worked, with my children it didn't'

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by Gatto Luigi

In an interview to Cadena Ser, Toni Nadal spoke about the decision of not working with his nephew Rafael Nadal by the next season. Family and Academy, that's what Toni's "new life" will be about. 'I have always liked the training, the education itself should be one of basis of society.

I have my age, I like to be in Mallorca and training younger players excites me more than having the luck of being with my nephew on the ATP Tour. Did Rafa ask me to reflect on it? No he didn't, we spoke about it when I told him but he is already well-followed by Carlos Moya and Francis Roig.

I said that without thinking, I was speaking about the Academy and I said it. I am very strict, I was unlucky that with Rafael it worked, but with my children it didn't work so much (laughs).' He also spoke about one of Rafa's biggest wins, the 2009 Australian Open final when he had beaten Verdasco in the semi-finals after five hours.

'In the pre-match warm-up he had told me that he was hurting everywhere: the head, the arm then I told him that probably he would have never had the chance to get so close to win Australian Open. "In an hour and a half you will have to enter the court, not me, your mother or father.

So now it's useless to complain. I spoke to him all the time and at the end it worked. He won, not me, though."' Finally an anecdote that he reveals in his book 'You can practice everything.' During one year a sponsor stopped working with them because he saw that Rafa could even eat two pizzas after practicing.

Rafa had admitted a few months ago how 'nutritionists won't like the way I eat,' but surely over the years this has changed at least when he is in the public eye and in competition. ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic: 'Nadal is the player to beat, he's the ultimate challenge on clay' .

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