Golf charity event featuring Rafael Nadal raises 600,000 dollars

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Golf charity event featuring Rafael Nadal raises 600,000 dollars

We learned to know how tennis players have been so active on the charity side. Roger Federer raised more than 4 million dollars this year playing three exhibition matches in Zurich, Seattle and Glasgow, but Rafael Nadal did a good job too.

The 16-time Grand Slam champion played the fifth edition of the Olazábal & Nadal Invitational golf tournament at Pula Golf Resort on 24th and 25th November near Mallorca. The Spaniard tennis player's team won it for the third year in a row, prevailing over golfer José María Olazábal's team.

This year the event raised more than €500,000, which is around $600,000. Funds are given to Sports Mundi and the Rafael Nadal Foundation, and this money will help to invest in projects featuring people affected by mental disabilities with 18 schools across all of Spain.

Among professional players, there were Álvaro Quirós, Adrián Otaegui, Nacho Elvira, Jesús Legarrea, Emanuele Canónica, Benoit Tellería, Eduardo de la Riva, Lorenzo Gagli, and Santi Luna.

Nadal Foundation was born in 2008, and several times during his interviews the World No. 1 said he will focus on it more and more once he retires. ALSO READ: 'I am afraid I have Lendl's syndrome': 16-year-old Rafa Nadal on his fears .