Diego Schwartzman: 'Rafael Nadal can play aggressive tennis for four hours'

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Diego Schwartzman: 'Rafael Nadal can play aggressive tennis for four hours'

Diego Schwartzman fought until the end but it was Rafael Nadal to prevail, in four sets. In press conference the Argentine player analyzed the long match they played (almost four hours), praising his own performance and Nadal's.

'I think I did a good job inside the court', Schwartzman said. 'I had many, many chances in the start of every set, having a lot of break points, and I couldn't win that points.

I think Rafa played good points in that moments, playing aggressive. That's why he's one of the best in the history, because he play really good in that moments. After the second set, also he start to serve a little bit better, start to win a lot of points with the serve.

Then in the fourth, I was a little bit tired, trying to do every point, trying to do the points, short points, and it was not easy against Rafa. Tried to do that tactic.' What kind of game plan did you have prior to the match? 'I played against him three times.

I always try to do the similar game, trying to be aggressive. Sometimes try to do long points; sometimes short points. Trying to serve in my best serves. Tried to return well, also. But against Rafa is not easy playing four hours in aggressive form and nothing.

I think I did a good job. I had the chances, but Rafa played better than me in the important moments. He's really aggressive every time. He can play four hours aggressive. He can play four hours -- he really, really intensive.

Is not easy for me. For example, in the court four hours, trying to run every point, trying to do winners every point, is not easy to be focused four hours against him. He can do easy. And I think that is the best thing from him.'​

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