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Federer believes it was a strong finish for him

Federer believes it was a strong finish for him

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by Muhammad Ali

London-A disappointing year for Federer ended with a lost against the hands of his old rival in the semi finals of ATP World Tour Finals on Sunday, where Nadal defeated him for the first time in an indoor hard court. But according to Federer his year ended on a high note, “I think something is possible for next year, I think it was a stronger finish than I thought it was going to be in Basel, Paris and London.

I’m more positive now looking ahead than I would have been a few months ago, when I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after the U.S. Open.” When asked about his next season targets he said,” Winning five titles or something.

Leaving the tournaments as a winner, that’s what keeps things exciting. Rankings; if it’s not world number one, then I’m not that interested.” 17 times Grand Slam Champion, who ended the season with only one title at a grass-court tournament in Halle, added more to it, “Clearly Grand Slams are going to be part of my highlights, hoping to sort of make sure I play my best there with some selected other events that I consider important to me, some of the Masters 1000s.Then hopefully I have something left for the World Tour Finals at the end of next year, because that’s clearly a goal.” Basel Native was happy by the fact that he can play regularly for three weeks “What I learned is that I can play three weeks pretty easily,” he said.

“I played a lot of matches as of late, a lot of three-setters, a lot of tennis. From that standpoint, that’s very satisfying, knowing that the body can do it, the mind can do it. Life allows it to happen. I’m happy that I have that option, as well, that I know I can play three weeks in a row because I remember (Andre) Agassi didn’t do that at all any more towards the end of his career.

He used to play one, maybe two. He would always pull out the third week if there was something planned.”

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