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Roger Federer: 'It's not easy to be successful and stay humble'

Roger Federer: 'It's not easy to be successful and stay humble'

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by Gatto Luigi

We all know Roger Federer's hot character when he was young: the Swiss player threw rackets, was disrespectful towards umpires and opponents until when he came to the stage where he realized he had to change. 'I matured and learned to behave better,' the former world no.

1 told the Italian magazine IoDonna. 'I was lucky enough to be supported by a good team.' Asked if everybody can be at the top of the tennis world and the same time stay humble, Federer replied, 'No it's not.

I am grateful for winning important things when I was more matured and not a youger player, otherwise I would have taken the risk of blowing my mind. I gradually improved.' People see hin as a player but we don't need to forget that he is a father too.

What is the most difficult role between the two? 'Being a parent is tough. There isn't a school to learn about it, but I have much to study and my children make me learn new things.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'It was a wonderful week.

I feel there is much more to come' .

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