Lynette Federer reveals her son Roger's biggest strength!

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Lynette Federer reveals her son Roger's biggest strength!

Roger Federer is not only a great tennis player but a great person too. In 2004 he opened a foundation that within the end of 2018 will host a million of kids in the two centers that are in Switzerland and South Africa.

He visited South Africa, his mother's country, in July 2015 and it´s there that he said he feels a persona like the other ones. ´They don´t know him there´, Federer´s mother told Watson.

´In the villages where we work there is no electricity and there are no sports magazines. For them it would be very difficult to understand how you can earn through a game. Our main goal is to guarantee education and improve the qualities of the schools.

We work not only in six regions of South Africa but also in Switzerland where there is poverty too´. In his native country, Roger is known also by the people who get helped by his foundation and of course his mother is "popular" as well.

´I am a known person but we have a good education that allows me to be very happy. Many times I get invited in some events in Roger´s honor and I like it. As grandmother, I also like to spend as much time as possible with my grandchildren, which is difficult to do during tournaments.´ Speaking about Roger´s childhood, Lynette added: ´He wasn´t reluctant to go to school, even if he enjoyed more on a tennis court or playing football.

School is a place where you learn to learn, the life is a long learning process and who stops to learn is lost. Learning: that´s always been Roger´s strength. He is a person who listens to suggestions, analyses well critical situations and makes effort to improve daily.´ ALSO READ: A 99-year-old woman to attend 'Match for Africa 3' between Federer and Murray .