David Nalbandian: 'When Federer and his wife saw me and Moya in socks...'

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David Nalbandian: 'When Federer and his wife saw me and Moya in socks...'

In the Argentinean TV programme 'It's never late', David Nalbandian revealed some interesting anecdotes of when he was a professional tennis player and lived some unbelievable moments with his colleagues.

He often faced Spaniard players on PlayStation to play football. 'We did some good ones. Once in a very beautiful hotel in Monte Carlo, I was with Carlos Moya and we had lost to Ferru (Ferrer) and Rafa (Nadal).

We were forced to go to the reception wearing socks and we went around the table 20 metres away from the elevator. It opens, we run and in front of us there is Roger Federer and his wife, who were like: "What is happening to these two?" We all started to laugh.' 'There is another one in an hotel in Australia.

That time Rafa and Ferru lost and they had to do ten pull-ups and ten skips without touching the right knee on the floor. If you had seen Rafa in the lobby of the hotel skipping while everyone didn't understand anything...

we were laughing so much in the elevator.' Another anecdote features as victim the kinesiologist of the Argentinean Davis Cup team. 'We were always making fun of him saying that he wasn't doing anything, and then one day we decided to prank him.

Thanks to the excuse of a technical failure in his room, in accordance with the hotel, we enter there while he eats and we hide five alarms in several areas of the room, all of them at the same time. We put one in the wine container, another one in the TV that we had opened, another one inside the device of the air conditioning....

it was excellent because the alarms were at 4:00 AM and he could not do anything. The following day he was weak as he had not slept.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I won't play smaller events to break 100 career-titles barrer' .