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Roger Federer in Italy: 'Happy and proud of my partnership with Barilla'

Roger Federer in Italy: 'Happy and proud of my partnership with Barilla'

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by Gatto Luigi

Roger Federer took a day "off" to visit Barilla headquarters on Tuesday in Parma, the northern part of Italy. The Swiss player, alongside his father Robert, spent a few hours there to attend an event with the most important people of the Italian company that signed a long-term agreement with Federer, who could earn more than $40 million dollars from this partnership.

Of course there was the chance to make some video advertisements that will be released in the next months, while he also took several pics with fans. 'I am proud and very happy to be here, it's wonderful', said Federer, who came back in Europe last weekend from Dubai.

'The Barilla pasta give me the energies I need on the tennis court and make me enjoy moments with my family. Pasta is still, and has been for many years, in my daily diet. The partnership with Barilla is a very natural one for me.

I am really happy to be part of this team and family.' Then he also spoke about his charity activity, which is a very important thing for Barilla. 'I am happy when I see happy people around me.

My commitment today is to make other people happy. At some stage I understood I had to give back to the World a part of what life gave me. The idea to create a foundation that is named after me was born speaking with Andre Agassi, who created one too but later than me in terms of age.

I was 22 when I founded it. I wanted to help kids who were struggling. My mother has South Africa origins. I saw the real poverty when as a kid I went on holiday with my family and I still remember it. Now, through my foundation, we work to support several educations activities.' 'We have the same goal, offering people the chance to eat in an even better way and to guarantee the comfort of the planet', said Luca Barilla, vice-president of the Italian company.

'I met many important important people, but I never felt a such friendship like the one with Roger. Today we are here with a person who is loved, admired by the whole World, a courageous, fair man who everyone would like to be close to.

And who cares about other people as well, giving us a virtuous example thanks to his Activity in the foundation.'
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