The amazing story of Roger Federer’s banner!

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The amazing story of Roger Federer’s banner!

There are so many adjectives that can be used to describe Roger Federer. The record breaking, 18 times Grand Slam winner, most likely on his way to a 19th Major title, Federer is respected and revered by his fans and followers and is considered the God of tennis quite justifiably so.

His demeanor on court and flawlessness while smashing winners and shooting aces do not in any way make him an immortal that cannot be annihilated even by the most powerful of opponents with even the most formidable serves.

Be it the Swiss maestro Roger Federer’s dominant years on the ATP Tour from 2003-12 to his many struggles in 2013, his loyal fans have never left him alone. In fact, thousands of fans chant his name whenever he steps on to the court in his colourful avatar and the look of confidence that he exudes in a different style altogether that describes Roger Federer as the man who will go down in this sport’s history as the man to be.

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