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Michael Chang: 'There is a reason why Federer wins the FairPlay Award'

Michael Chang: 'There is a reason why Federer wins the FairPlay Award'

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by Gatto Luigi

One of the most remarkable things of this tennis Era is the respect and sportmanship between Fab Fours (Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray), which isn't something granted if you look at the rivalries in the past.

Kei Nishikori's coach, Michael Chang, believes that this is an ideal situation. 'Take as example Roger and Rafa, if there would be bad blood between them, would their rivalry be so special? I don't think so.

Rivalries like McEnroe-Connors create only issues', he told Sport Klub. At the US Open on court coaching will be introduced in all the draws but the main ones. Would it be a good idea to have it also on the men's Tour? 'I didn't hear anything about it, but as player I didn't want to speak to my coach because I liked to adapt a tactic by myself.

But now that I am a coach, I have a different point of view and I think coaching is priority because it happened many times that Kei was struggling, then rain came, we spoke for 10-15 minutes and match changed.' Commenting furthermore about Federer he added: 'The way he is relaxed, that's unbelievable.

He won so many titles and was World No. 1 so many weeks. It's easy to speak to him and it is one of the reasons why he wins fair play award every year. In the locker room there is a different atmosphere than when Borg, McEnroe, Lendl and all others were staying alone in a corner.

Roger is not like this and I think it created an ideal environment. It shows you can be competitive and build friendships at the same time.' ALSO READ: Marin Cilic: 'It's great to hear what Roger Federer said about me' .

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