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McEnroe: 'If Federer plays like he did vs Berdych, Cilic can beat him'

McEnroe: 'If Federer plays like he did vs Berdych, Cilic can beat him'

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by Gatto Luigi

John McEnroe sees Roger Federer as an absolute favorite ahead of Wimbledon final against Marin Cilic on Sunday afternoon, but only if the Swiss champion will play at his best.

We saw in the past how much Cilic can do damage against Federer, as he didn't convert three match points in the quarter-finals last year and beat him at the 2014 US Open. Recalling the match played in 2016 on Centre Court, McEnroe said according to Blick: 'The difference than last year is that nowadays Roger is in his best shape.

So he will clearly win his eighth title'. The seven time Grand Slam champion also added: 'If Federer plays like he did today (against Tomas Berdych), Cilic can beat him.' McEnroe also spoke about his admiration for Federer, adding: 'I don't know how it feels like to be loved by the whole World, but I think that it can help you to overcome tough moments.

I tried to do what he does, it means being a good husband. Did I do it? Nope, especially during the first marriage. Am I a good father? Well, that's questionable. I took a six month break as well, butI wasn't the same player as I was before.

What Roger does is simply unbelievable. He moves like he did ten years ago!' 'Federer defies reason', said the former World No. 4 Tim Henman. 'We are wrong to be surprised by him.

He simply rules.' ALSO READ: Federer: 'For a second I doubted I might never come back at Wimbledon' .

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