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Wimbledon Queue all for Federer: all the crazy things his fans did

Wimbledon Queue all for Federer: all the crazy things his fans did

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by Gatto Luigi

As every year also in the Wimbledon's 131th year the 'Queue' didn't lack, it means the famous way to get a one day ticket the following day. The 25-year-old Myriam Khalil, a Novak Djokovic supporter, said there were many, many Roger Federer fans during the two weeks of the event. 'It's been crazy.

Ever since we arrived, we noticed a greater amount of Roger fans everywhere,' the 25-year-old revealed. 'It's great but, at the same time, it's stressful because everyone wants to see Roger on Centre Court.

This year, in particular. It's been special.' Some fans also had the chance to watch Federer live more than one time and in several tournaments around the world, like Doris Loeffel, one of the original members of the Federer official fan club.

'He does recognize me and he chats and asks stuff', said Loeffel. 'That's what makes us fall in love with him. You're not just a number. You get recognized. When he talks to the fans he's so natural and he recognizes the most crazy ones, the ones who follow him around the world.

I could've bought a really nice car with all the money I've already spent to watch Roger Federer, but it's been worth every second of it because you get so much back.' Karen Wilson created a foundation approved from the Indian government in Calcutta to help unlucky kids.

And the foundation's name has something involving Roger Federer: Immensely Inspired Roger Fans Foundation. Story by CNN ALSO READ: Venus Williams: 'Not being fan of Roger Federer is uncool' .

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