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A fan bets 50.000 pounds on Federer, wins an unbelievable amount of money

A fan bets 50.000 pounds on Federer, wins an unbelievable amount of money

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by Gatto Luigi

We told some funny stories last week about crazy things Roger Federer fans did to watch the Swiss player during the two weeks at Wimbledon. But the story about the 36-year-old George, is something really unbelievable. Before the tournament started, he has has put a £50,000 stake on Federer winning his eighth Wimbledon title this year.

The head of a financial tech company in North London felt very confident he could win this courageous bet. 'I don’t do it often but when I do it, I make sure to do it properly,' he told Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

'My bet on Federer came about on a boys’ night out, I’m ashamed to admit, but having watched him this season, I felt fairly confident that he could go all the way. Having won the three biggest tournaments played this season and with the decision to focus on grass and hard court tournaments as opposed to those on clay, it appeared he was gearing up to win his eight Wimbledon trophy.' He won £162,000, which is about $210,000. 'My girlfriend thinks I’m mad spending so much time and money watching tennis,' said George, who watched the final on Centre Court with his girl-friend.

'Although I'm sure she'll be rather delighted with the bet, should I win, as who could be angry when winning such an amount of money?' What will he do with his winnings? Simple: 'I’ll probably have to propose to my girlfriend as otherwise she may leave me when she finds out how much money I placed on this bet.' ALSO READ: Venus Williams: 'Not being fan of Roger Federer is uncool' .

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