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Severin Luthi: 'It would be courageous to bet against Roger Federer'

Severin Luthi: 'It would be courageous to bet against Roger Federer'

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by Gatto Luigi

'Today's final against Marin Cilic will be the 29th at Grand Slam level in Roger Federer's career, and the 11th at Wimbledon. Impressive numbers that makes everyone intend he will handle his experience as best as possible.

Practice sessions away from media and fans and much tranquility, that's how the 18-time Grand Slam Champion spent the 24 hours before the final. 'He has always been relatively calm, in contrary of many other players who are stressed all the time', said Severin Luthi, who has been coaching Federer since 2008, in an exclusive interview to Tages Anzeiger. 'He had much free time since last year, he could look at his career from outside, and it probably helped him.

With age, experience, success and also strenght, he can face pressure at his best. He is very good at isolating himself and not look at right or left. He lives this moment Internally, trying to sort of protecting himself in order not to think too much.

For a tennis player, it's important to keep things as easy as possible. You only want to win a match. That's all.' Luthi feels confident ahead of the final: 'It would be courageous to bet against Roger.

He will be at his best level.' Just after the semifinal against Berdych, Federer said he felt ready. Can it add more pressure? 'When he says it, it means that he is able to handle it. For him, at this stage of career it's important to understand goals.

There were many years where he could bid all the goals at the same time: Paris, Wimbledon, Halle, Basel, No. 1... I am not saying he cannot do it now anymore, but it would be no sense. That's why we decided to skip the clay-courts season, because Wimbledon and US Open are the most important tournaments to him.' He finally spoke about the short-term future after Wimbledon.

Federer is committed to play both Montreal and Cincinnati before US Open, but he is not unsure about playing both of them. 'We didn't speak about it yet. We will definitely play one before US Open.

Then if we will play both, the door is still open. We will see how he feels after Wimbledon.' ALSO READ: Venus Williams: 'Not being fan of Roger Federer is uncool' .

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