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Roger Federer could become World No. 1 again: all the possible scenarios!

Roger Federer could become World No. 1 again: all the possible scenarios!

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by Gatto Luigi

After winning Indian Wells in March this year, Roger Federer had said that before the 2017 season he had hoped to come back in the top 8 of the ATP Rankings only after Wimbledon. And instead after the eighth title at the All England Club, the Swiss has clear chances to be at the top of the rankings for the first time since October 2012.

Roger is currently World No. 3 with 6.545 points, 920 less than No. 2 Rafael Nadal (7,465) and 1205 less than No. 1 Murray (7,750). Points to defend from here until the end of the year:
Murray 5,460
Djokovic 3,740
Wawrinka 2,990
Nadal 370
Federer 0 Seeing those numbers, you can clearly see that Murray will lose the No.

1 spot sooner or later, and that in the next few months the Race to No. 1 will feature Federer and Nadal. Something could change already after Rogers Cup that will be played in Montreal from 7 to 13 August: if Murray, who is suffering an hip injury, skips the event and Nadal wins the title, Rafa will be World No.

1 for the first time since October 2014 thanks to a 80 point difference. But in Cincinnati things could change again. Before making some clear examples, let's remove the points earned last year in Montreal and Cincinnati by Andy, Rafa and Roger.

Here are rankings standings: 1) Nadal 7.375
2) Murray 7.150
3) Federer 6.545 (unchanged) In order to have real hopes to be World No. 1 before US Open, Federer will have to play in Montreal as well, and he is not so sure to do it at the moment.

Example: if Roger wins Montreal title and loses Cincinnati final, he has 8,145 points. If it happens and Nadal loses in the semifinals in both events, Federer would be at the No. 1 spot. Anyway, at New York there would be again an hard battle as Nadal will only have to defend 180 points and Federer any.

The last Grand Slam event of the season could be the key for the Year-End No. 1, but not decisive as both Nadal and Federer can only earn points from October onwards. ALSO READ: Nadal, Ferrer, Cibulkova and more congratulate Garbine Muguruza .

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