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Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer is definitely the favorite to win'

Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer is definitely the favorite to win'

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by Gatto Luigi

Alexander Zverev advanced into his second Masters 1000 career final by beating Denis Shapovalov 6-4 7-5. At the end of the match the German player applauded his opponent and praised him in press conference. 'I felt like the crowd and the tournament, the whole city of Montreal, was really supporting him all the way.

It was an amazing story. I think this is just the beginning of a very long story. Hopefully he can continue doing what he's doing', Zverev said. 'But on the other hand I will say don't expect him to win US Open in the next few months coming up.

He still needs some time. This is I think the best tennis he played in his life. For him to play this level consistently, it might take him, you know, another two to three years. But the other hand he has shown what level he has in himself and what talent that he is.

It's going to be amazing watching him and playing against him.' The World No. 8 was impressed by Shapovalov's qualities: 'I was actually a bit surprised how quick he is. I didn't realize it. I know that he has big shots.

I know that he has a big forehand and big serve. His moving impressed me a lot today, going from sides to sides. I can play aggressive, and he was handling quite well. I think that impressed me that I haven't seen this on TV.

I have witnessed it today, which was a surprise for me a little bit.' Analyzing the upcoming final against Federer, Zverev adsed: 'Well, I think he's definitely the favorite. He's been playing amazing tennis.

He pretty much won every single big tournament he played this year. I feel like I'm playing well, so I know that I have to serve a lot better tomorrow than I did today. That was I think the thing that I struggled the most with today.;But, you know, I played in five finals this year.

I won four. The one that I lost was against Roger. There's a reason for it. I'm happy to be in the final. I'll try to enjoy as much as I can.' Zverev was finally asked what he would study if he wasn't successful in tennis.

'What was I good at in school? I was always good in maths in school, but I wouldn't want to study maths for the rest of my life. No offense to the people that do, but I would be depressed at some point. No, maybe science or nature, biology, I don't know...

Sports. That's it.' .

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