Lewis Hamilton inspired by Federer-Nadal rivalry

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Lewis Hamilton inspired by Federer-Nadal rivalry

Lewis Hamilton is a big fan of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Formula 1 driver recently mentioned the two Champions again in an interview to BBC when asked if he felt pressure at all during the 2017 season, that peaked with his World Championship title.

'Pressure points. Weak points. You have to keep the pressure on and when the other shows no sign of weakness. That’s definitely difficult. Look at Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. At some point in the game, one will see a slight weakness in the other – even if just half a percent.

That’s what they try to capitalize on and which makes the difference and that’s really how it has been this year', said Hamilton. A few weeks ago, the British had already mentioned the two tennis players, as he said: 'My relationship with Sebastian [Vettel] is good.

'We are not 20, we are adults, and like in tennis or golf, when you look at great champions, you realize mental strength is everything. It's the mind that takes control. If I think about Sebastian, I know what he did in the last years, how consistent he was, his strengths and weaknesses.

Stars like Nadal and Federer and other elite athletes are an example for everyone. I try to take inspiration from what they do and to follow them.' ALSO READ: Abu Dhabi Open organizers hope to have a dreamy Djokovic-Nadal final .