Will Ferrell: 'I forgot to ask Federer if that was his real hair or a wig'

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Will Ferrell: 'I forgot to ask Federer if that was his real hair or a wig'

Hollywood actor Will Ferrell has been one of the main guests in the first week of the Australian Open. The famous actor was there since the beginning, and on Tuesday he headed to the Rod Laver Arena to interview Roger Federer.

He funnily spoke about Federer: 'Did you notice Roger's body language? He's a little bit afraid of me,' Ferrell told in a conference call to Jim Courier on Thursday. 'He leaned back, like, what is this guy going to do? No, that was great fun.

I could have gone on for a lot longer, but I could tell McEnroe gave me the look, wrap it up. I was sitting in my seat, thinking, what are the fun things I want to ask Roger Federer about? I forgot to ask him if that was his real hair or a wig.

Because he's got such luxurious hair.' He also praised the match between Caroline Wozniacki and Jana Fett. The world no. 2 saved two match points. 'The Wozniacki match yesterday was, you know, kind of the perfect metaphor for just how tough it is, even when you're up 5-1.

In fact, I turned to my wife and I said, If she can get it to 5-3, she has a chance to win this whole thing. I think it just shows the mental side of the game and how she was able to kind of draw on her experience. It's funny how, when a less-experienced player is up 5-1 in the final set, they're almost, you know, the pressure is on them to close it out.

You knew she was just sitting there going, Okay, if I just get one game, try to get another, otherwise no one expects me to win it at this point. It was just fun to see her kind of slow the game down and, you know, draw on that.' .