Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer probably deserves to play at night'

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Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer probably deserves to play at night'

Roger Federer has always played in the night session at the Australian Open, and there were some complaints about how the schedule works. The 1987 Wimbledon Champion and former world No. 4 Pat Cash gave his opinion on the topic before Federer faced Gasquet.

'It has caused a bit of controversy actually. It's one of those tricky things. Does Federer get an unfair advantage? Yeah, he probably does but does he deserve the unfair advantage? Yeah he probably does.

It has been a bonus to stay out those two stinking hot days. He plays well in the cooler conditions certainly against a guy like Gasquet who has got heavy top spin', Cash said. 'In the hot bouncy conditions he could really trouble Roger by getting the ball up high to his backhand.

He hits the ball hard and deep but in conditions like this it's just made for Roger Federer. Occasionally you get a sticky match, one of those crazy matches where an underdog comes through and plays really well. We see that often in tournaments and I'm sure Federer will be on edge because Gasquet can certainly play.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Some players play more at night.

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