'Take some risks when you play Roger Federer' - Michael Stich

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'Take some risks when you play Roger Federer' - Michael Stich

In the last 13 months, only five players have defeated Roger Federer in official matches, which says a lot about the Swiss player's dominance on the ATP Tour. The 1991 Wimbledon champion and former world no.

2 Michael Stich has suggested that players should display a more aggressive and unpredictable tennis to compete against the 20-time Grand Slam winner. 'We’ve seen odd matches like (Sergiy) Stakhovsky beating Federer one year (at Wimbledon in 2013), where the guy’s played serve-volley all the time and kept putting pressure and pressure all the time,' he told Jon Wertheim for the latest Beyond The Baselinepodcast.

'I have not seen any of the top guys these days hitting passing shots over five sets. I think they won’t.' Stich, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame late this year, added: 'I have a philosophy.

If I lose the first set let’s say 6-2, and I see that my tactics don’t work, well I try something different. Because it doesn’t matter if I lose 6-2 or 7-6 – as long as I lose, it’s a bad result.

So I might as well try something and give myself the chance to come out as a winner. When players came off court losing against Roger and saying ‘it was a pleasure to lose against Roger Federer’, that’s where I feel like, wow, please.

That’s not the competition you want to have on the tennis court. No matter how good the guy is, just take some risks. Try to get away from your comfort zone and try something out. If you lose, well, make it better the next time.' ALSO READ: Lindsay Davenport reveals real reason behind Federer playing in Rotterdam .