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Oracene Williams: 'Ohanian asked me permission for engagement to Serena'

Oracene Williams: 'Ohanian asked me permission for engagement to Serena'

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by Gatto Luigi

There were obviously many talks about Serena Williams' engagement to the Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. The announcement came only in December 2016, but the couple got engaged in 2015. Interviewed by The Post, Serena's mother spoke about it and revealed that Ohanian took a flight to Southern California to ask her if he could wed Serena.

'I think he was very nervous,' Price said. 'He was going to do it anyway, but he was following the proper etiquette.' She also spoke about an interesting anecdote that happened in December when they announced the news through social media.

'There was this shirt [Serena] liked but couldn’t find it, a black-and-red check shirt. And he went online and found it for her. To me, that’s romantic because you’re listening to the person you’re caring about say something and you’re doing something about it.' Price thinks that having children is in Serena's plans after retirement: 'That’s why she has so many dogs.' But the day where she will call it a career hasn't come yet.

'She loves competing.' ALSO READ: Andy Roddick: 'Serena Williams's greatness is like Jordan and Ali's' .

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