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Ernests Gulbis: ´Here is What I Would Have Done If I Were Roger Federer...´

Ernests Gulbis: ´Here is What I Would Have Done If I Were Roger Federer...´

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by Ivan Pasquariello

Ernests Gulbis has always been a funny guy to interview. Last year in Paris his quotes on women, parties and extravagance worked to make sure journalists would never get too bored with the men's tournament.

Back with revenge after a disappointing second part of the season in 2014 and a not much encouraging start to the 2015 season, Ernests knows he has many points to defend at Roland Garros. First of all, the Latvian cleared once and for all who his coach currently is.

"I went back to working with Gunter Bresnik, so he is my coach now. I am sorry I didn't win a lot lately, I lost a lot of time getting massages" said Ernests making everyone laugh again. The story of the first day of the French Open this year was the court invasion with selfie request happened to Roger Federer.

A question of security and boundaries that was suddenly raised by the tennis community. What would Ernests have done if he were to find himself in the same position as Roger Federer? "What I would have done? Well, if it was a big guy I would have ran away.

Otherwise, I would have probably stayed perfectly still". And it was again a laugh fest... ALSO READ Ysern: 'What happened to Federer is not the end of the World' .

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