Flavia Pennetta: ´Serena Williams Will Not Last Long as World Number 1´

Flavia Pennetta: ´Serena Williams Will Not Last Long as World Number 1´

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Long and interesting interview by Flavia Pennetta to El Mundo. After the success achieved in New York, she has been a little bit in Italy and a little bit in Barcelona for almost 3 weeks.

"I didn't organize a party! I didn't have time. In Italy everything has been wonderful: "kisses, hugs, Expo in Milan, Fashion week. Winning a Grand Slam changes your life. Luckily, I made it when at 33 years-old, otherwise I would have driven crazy". She knows Roberta Vinci from a very long time.

They shared room together in Federal Center in Rome when were 14-18 years old. "I speak to her everyday, but never a word on tennis, what a boredom! I talk more. She's more reflective while I am more extroverted.

There is a balance between us. When we were little girls she used to bear me, our walls were full of Leonardo di Caprio's posters." "Till I was 19 I was always losing - confessed Pennetta - I wasn't able to stay out on court, I had the typhus and I had to stay alone for 20 days.

When I came back to practice, I was very determined. In 2002, I began the season as World No. 292 and I made a promise: if I couldn't break into The Top 100 at the end of year, I would have stopped. At the end of year I was World No.

95". In 2014 she won her first Premier Mandatory in Indian Wells and this year she won her 1st Slam at the US Open. Are these similar victories? "Despite ups and down, my career has been complete. In 2009 and 2010 I was already a top 10 player, I won 4 Fed Cup, I was happy of my tennis". But why has she decided to retire? "Because I struggle to compete, I'm not able to hold the rhythm caused by the competition.

I need to have a home, to stay quiet for 3 months in a row. It's hard to travel that much, to have such long trips, to sleep alone. I went so many times to different cities without being able to visit them". The Italian has confirmed how the Olympic Committee has been putting a lot of pressure on her in oder to take part at the Olympic Games in 2016.

"Only 6 months they tell me, but it seems like an eternity tome. There is 1% of chances that I will continue. if I stay 3 months at home and I am bored, I will then keep playing tennis. But I have so many projects in my mind, I want to become a mother.

I'm not so young and I would like to become a mother like many other women". And what about her professional projects? "I can live without working for the rest of my life. I don't have any plan, I can help Italian tennis although I have no idea how I could do that.

I'm not able to teach a kid how to play a volley." Years ago Pennetta confessed there wasn't equality between ATP e WTA. According to her, something has changed during the last years: "We realized some things, like it was important to equal prize money and from media to give us more attentions, yet there are still many differences.

Sponsors pay more a men's player in the Top 20 than a women's player in the Top 10. Inequality between men and women still remains both in tennis and in our society". "The type of game is also very different.

It depends on the evolution. Women now are taller and they hit stronger. Talent matters always less. You can see how things go in the ATP; where too many big-servers are reducing the appeal of the game". Flavia also talked about World Number 1 Serena Williams: "I don't think she will last long on World Number 1.

It will come a moment in which she will want to have a normal life. There are more important things in life than victory". US Open Champion has also expressed his view on the Spanish Tennis situation: "They will soon win a Grand Slam title again, maybe next year.

Garbine [Muguruza] and Carla [Suarez] have the qualities to be true champions. Sometimes we train together and although they're very different, I believe they are both really good". Despite she doesn't want to travel and to see often her future bridegroom Fabio Fognini, Flavia has to make some sacrifices.

"I don't expect to be in his box like a suffering wife -- said Flavia - Fabio has a lot of personality and sometimes he discusses with umpires. I use to talk to him, but you can't ask an apple to become a pear".

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