The new life of Alex Corretja

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The new life of Alex Corretja

Tennis - Former World No. 2 Alex Corretja says that he is enjoying his work as a television commentator and feels grateful that people like his work. "I feel I do what I like. I feel privileged for everything I do, commenting parties in TVE, commenting international tournaments on Eurosport and that makes me feel good - confessed the Spaniard - I am not aware of why they like my work.

and the feedback is so positive that I can not be more grateful. I can assure you that almost all of the feedback has been positive and the positives have far outweighed the negatives." Corretja also spoke about his player management company which he co-owns with Enric Molina and his brother Ivan Corretja, "I have a business of representing athletes with my brother Ivan for years, and Big Match Player we specialize in tennis players, along with my brother and Enric Molina.

We have Feliciano Lopez, Pedro Cachín, Santiago Giraldo, Alvaro Lopez, Olga Danilovic. I advise players on the tennis part. Enric is dedicated to contracts and the more technical part, but every player has their own coaches.

In general, although there is a bit of everything. Usually players come to us and ask to be represented, but we also try to look for talent." Talking about the upcoming tennis players who are rising up the ranks of the game, Corretja says it would take them time to mature mentally, "These guys are going out, it's normal.

But they need time. Keep in mind that the level of tennis is very high and in the end those who manage to maintain regularity and stability are at the top of the ranking." Corretja adds that it is difficult to compare eras. "Historically I think all ages have been very difficult, comparing times is very complicated.

What happens now is that players play all very similar games and are good on all surfaces. What has changed since the era of specialists to this day is the introduction of the Masters 1000. Before a player could set their own calendar.

Now they have to play all the Masters Series events on all surfaces, and so there are no more specialists. All the players play very similar: very strong with two-handed backhand, there are fewer rallies." Meanwhile, on the rising Spanish star Garbine Muguruza, Corretja states that she needs some time before she can win Grand Slams and become World No.

1 but expects her to do the same in the coming years. "The only thing missing from Garbiñe Muguruza is time. She will acquire experience and in the mean time play the circuit, the philosophy of tennis, and I think in a year and a half she can be world No.

1 and winner of Grand Slams. I am very optimistic with her. She has many pieces of the puzzle that must fit but I must say that I am a big fan of Garbiñe." Also Read: Corretja Says Andy Murray has Improved His Game on Clay .