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Elena Vesnina: 'Being a sports psychologist helped me to improve mentally'

Elena Vesnina: 'Being a sports psychologist helped me to improve mentally'

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by Gatto Luigi

Elena Vesnina found her game once again after some difficult years in terms of results as she was even forced to play WTA qualies draw. She improved especially mentally through the education. 'I am a sports psychologist', Vesnina said in press conference in Indian Wells after the win over Kristina Mladenovic.

'I finished university. And I'm reading a lot of books about that. Not a lot of books, let's be honest. I read couple of books (smiling). Big books, yeah. They were big books, yeah. Yeah, I'm trying -- actually, it's a great example to read sometimes biography of the champions like Agassi.

I'm waiting when they gonna translate Li Na biography in English and then Russian. It's very interesting to read the interview of the big champions, what they were feeling. Of course, they not gonna be 100% honest with you, but still, these kind of things, it's always helping you.' She knows some legends of the game personally: 'As well, when you're talking with these champions in the locker room, you know, some giving you a piece of advice, like Martina Navratilova.

I have known her for many years, and she has always given me some pieces of advices in the locker room, trying to -- not help me, but kind of cheer me up, you know, in the tough moments. Yeah, all these things are coming with the years on the tour.

I'm not the new person on the tour. I'm playing for many years. And I had many situations when I was down in the score, coming back, had the tough seasons. So it's just matter of how you feel and how you believe in yourself.' What hit home for her in Agassi's book?' A lot of things.

How he was working, how he was coming back after this bad moment in his life, when he was down in the rankings, divorced. I mean, all of this, like, tough moments in your personal life. He would still be able to, you know, going on the court and enjoying what he was doing.

He loved tennis so much even if he didn't like to practice much. Yeah, it's a great example of the player who was on the top and then, when the very bottom and everybody forget about him and nobody believe in him, and he was still doing the same things, same job, you know.

And he, like, worked his way back, like, totally worked it out. You know, it's respect, you know, to this person.' ALSO READ: WTA INDIAN WELLS - The final will be an all Russian clash: Vesnina vs Kuznetsova! .

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